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«Dream Oyster Course» 5,000 yen

«Dream Oyster Course» 5,000 yen

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Three days before the desired store date until 23 o'clock
Available days for reservation
Monday - Sunday - Public holidays - Holidays

Recommended for those who want to enjoy a little luxurious banquet today ♪ Luxury course using "Ishinomaki 4 Years Dream Oyster" that grew big in all oysters ◎ Including fresh "raw oysters", various recipes We will offer you.Please enjoy the fine oysters to your heart's content!

Course menu

◇ Assorted 2 types of appetizers

◇ raw oysters (4 year old dream oysters from Ishinomaki)

◇ fried with oyster shell

◇ Oyster sake bake

◇ Oyster shabu-shabu or baked oyster

◇ Oyster rice cook or oyster chashike

◇ Today's dessert

※ The dish contents, we will offer recommended items according to the season and purchase situation.

※ Here we are introducing one example of one day.

※ All oyster dishes are using 4 year old dream oysters from Ishinomaki.

2018/09/11 update