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Manner of drinking party I want to know

  • At the drinking party there are some manners you want to remember. Especially at a drinking party where there is a superior person, let us be conscious of being able to protect manners. First of all, the seat has an upper seat and a lower seat.

    It is common for superiors and others to sit on the upper seat and newcomers and subordinates sit on the lower seat. If you do not know the position of the upper seat and the lower seat, let's remember that the place far from the entrance is the upper seat and the place closer to the entrance is the lower seat.

    Because the easier it is to get orders and the easier it is to deliver the dishes, the entrance and exit side becomes the lower seat. Next is the toast of manners. It is common for drinks not to drink immediately, but to drink after drinking.

    When toasting with the superior, please make a toast by lowering yourself a little by little as 1 cm is good. When you are considering, with the label of bottled beer or sake on top, hold the bottom with the right hand and pour the lightly so as not to spill with the left hand.

    At this time, attention must be paid so that the pouring spout does not stick to the glass. If you are going to take care of it, leave the inside of the glass empty, hold the glass with both hands and pour it, put it on the table after drinking a bite. The manner and rules of the drinking party also change according to the workplace and relationships, so if you do not understand it is a good way to check with your surrounding seniors and friends.

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    A maximum of 12 people are available for digging ticket seat and besides it accepts in-store charter, so you can use it with a large number of people.

    If you are looking for an izakaya that you can rent out for Shinsaibashi, please feel free to inquire. There are also courses which have satisfied menus, such as pots using domestic Japanese beef hormones.

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