Shinsaibashi Izakaya is also possible to drink as much as possible 【Shinsaibashi bar station Fengya】 Also please use at the girls' society ~ Appetizers should be aware of nutritional balance ~

Let's also appreciate nutritional balance for snacks

  • You can say that it is important to eat snacks when drinking, considering nutritional balance. The order of eating snacks is also important, and vegetables, seaweeds, mushrooms, etc., that you should eat first are the most important.

    You can get a feeling of fullness by first eating vegetables and seaweed. The next to eat is soybean food, fish, meat and so on. By filling your stomach with a low calorie menu, you can suppress the amount of rice and noodles you eat at the end naturally.

    In addition, it is possible to balance the meal at the drinking party by ordering a cheap menu such as vegetables and seafood. There are menus which are easy to have in the menu of a pub, so let's take it well.

    【Shinsaibashi bar area donation】 has various menus so you can order balances. The "explosive tomato saucepan" contained in the course is a pot, but it is a pot full of vegetables such as whole tomatoes.

    Because there are plenty of single items other than the course, those who are concerned about the nutritional balance, please use [Shinsaibashi bar barba].

Shinsaibashi no Izakaya can drink as much as you want 【Shinsaibashi bar station 叶 え や】 ~ Menu that you can enjoy from cheap prices such as seafood ~

  • Shinsaibashi izakaya can also drink as much as you can 【Shinsaibashi bar station 叶 え や】 Please use. There are plenty of menus using fresh seafood, and "Dream Oyster" which is three times as large as ordinary oysters is also offered as raw kaki and fried.

    Please enjoy oysters that can satisfy both taste and volume. All the domestic beef worm mottle is used in the motsuki pot. In the all - you - can - drink menu, various sake such as sake, cocktail, chu - hi etc are on offer.

    In addition to course meals, there are abundant menus that you can enjoy from cheap prices, so please feel free to ask the staff if there is food you care about.

If it is cheap in Shinsaibashi and you can drink as much as you want - Shinsaibashi bar barba

If you can drink unlimited drink at Shinsaibashi, please come to [Shinsaibashi bar area donation]

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