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Points for making a pub dating successful

  • Izakaya dating has the merit that you do not have to force yourself, you can relax and talk. Let's remember some points to make a pub dating successful.

    If I go to a pub on a date I will get lost as to what I should order first, but many taverns have recommended items. Since there are many dishes with impacts on taste and taste, let's order the recommended items of the store first if you get lost.

    Also, when choosing a menu, it is good not to leave everything to yourself with any kind of concern with care, but decide the menu while talking with each other in order to know the preferences of the other party.

    Choosing a menu that is hard to eat can concentrate on eating so that the conversation may be interrupted, so choosing a menu that is easy to eat and easy to distinguish is also an important point. Besides, in women's clothing is also one of the points you want to be careful about.

    Because there is a possibility of falling if you get drunk, avoid those that are not practical such as heels and difficult-to-move clothes and let's make them rough clothes that match the atmosphere of the pub.

    It is also important not to be too drunk. In order to enjoy the date, let's pace it if you feel drunk, drop the pace or ask soft drinks.

If you are looking for an all-you-can-drink izakaya at Shinsaibashi! - a hidden homey fancy shop ~

  • If you are looking for an all-you-can-drink izakaya at Shinsaibashi please come to the Shinsaibashi bar bar.

    [Shinsaibashi bar area Fengya] is well-accessed near Shinsaibashi Station, a hideaway and trendy izakaya. Please use it in various scenes such as dates at Shinsaibashi, girls' association, Forgotten annual party and so on.

    As you can prepare for an all-you-can-drink course, you can enjoy your favorite sake. Because we have a wide variety of liquors, try challenging alcohol that you do not usually drink.

    By presenting the coupons posted on the homepage, you can use it even more advantageously. As well as all you can drink, you can also order with a single item, please feel free to visit us.

If it is cheap in Shinsaibashi and you can drink as much as you want - Shinsaibashi bar barba

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    Monday, Tuesday, Thurday, Sunday, Public Holiday, Day before Holiday: 17: 00 - 0:00 (Cooking LO 23: 30)

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