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Warm warmth incorporating sake that is delightful for women

  • The ideal body temperature for humans is said to be 36.5 degrees - 37 degrees, but it is said that the average body temperature of Japanese people is lower than that. Warming is an activity that warms the outside and inside of the body from day to day in order to maintain an ideal body temperature in everyday life.

    As a method of warming from the outside of the body, a bath and the like are cited. It is important not to finish with only a shower, but to steeply immerse in hot water. By soaking up to the shoulder, you can warm your whole body.

    The most important way to warm your body from the inside is to refrain from cold drinks and food. Especially in the summer, it is common to talk about cold things, but by eating as warm as possible, you can warm your body from the inside.

    If you want to warm your body, sake is perfect. There are many people who suffer from cold women especially in the cold season. Because sake can be drunk deliciously even if it is warm, it is best for winter as well as when you do not want to chill the body regardless of the season.

    Furthermore, by warm meal with sake, body warms more. 【Shinsaibashi bar area Fengara】 offers a wide variety of Japanese sake and hot dishes such as mochi pot. Because sake can be ordered even with hot springs, please enjoy warm alcohol and cuisine.

Please enter a headline If you are looking for a shop in Shinsaibashi - like a private room digging seats also relax ~

  • If you are a Shinsaibashi tavern, please use [Shinsaibashi bar barba] ​​to prepare relaxing digging seats like a private room. 【Shinsaibashi bar area Fengya】 is a fashionable bar in an atmosphere like a hideout.

    There are many impacts on the appearance and there are many menus that reflect the pictures, and we are also pleased with the female customers. Please use it not only at various drinking parties such as the forgotten annual party but also at girls' societies etc.

    In addition to the moat seats available for a maximum of 12 people, there are also table seats recommended for 3 to 4 people, counter seats for 1 or 2 people.

Courses are available from cheap prices

  • [Shinsaibashi bar area Fudanba], you can enjoy fresh seafood such as brand oysters, which are safe and fresh from trademark registration. A pot using domestically produced Wagyu hormone is also being offered.

    Courses that enjoy seafood and hormones are available from cheap prices. It is also a 3-minute walk from Shinsaibashi Station and an easy accessible location. If you are looking for a bar in Shinsaibashi, please come visit us.

If it is cheap in Shinsaibashi and you can drink as much as you want - Shinsaibashi bar barba

If you are looking for a shop in Shinsaibashi [Shinsaibashi bar] Feng and ya;

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