If you are a pub for Shinsaibashi Station you can enjoy pots and oysters from cheap prices 【Shinsaibashi bar station 叶 え や】 ~ How to drink alcohol not to suffer from swelling ~

How to drink alcohol not to suffer from swelling

  • I think that some people feel the swelling of the face and limbs the next day after drinking alcohol. Extra moisture is cited as a cause of swelling.

    Extra moisture is the blood plasma component that oozed out of the blood vessel, it gets accumulated without going around the body, causing swelling. So why do you swallow when you drink?

    When you drink alcohol, moisture will be discharged to the outside of the body more than necessary because the toilet is close. Because the throat dries when the body is in a dehydrated state, drinking more alcohol and water, ingesting more water than necessary is one of the reasons leading to swelling.

    In addition, it is also a cause of swelling that the circulation of blood becomes bad by drinking cold alcohol and getting cold. In order to avoid drinking the next day after drinking, it is important to understand the cause of swelling and care about your drinking.

    When you drink alcohol, a large amount of water is needed in the body to decompose alcohol, so let's supplement it with water or tea beforehand. It takes time to be used for disassembly after drinking alcohol, so it is important to drink a cup of water (200 ml) before alcohol.

    Also, let's not drink alcohol at once, but consciously drink a small amount at a time. Due to individual differences in the ability to decompose alcohol, it is important to grasp to what extent you can drink alcohol and pay attention to overdrinking.

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