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On kinds of hormones with different taste and texture

  • Each hormone has different characteristics, such as taste, texture and shape. Be sure to grasp the difference between each and enjoy hormones.


    Mino is about the rumen, it is characterized by a white and thick wall near pure white. It is called Mino because it is similar to Mu umbrella as it is cut open.

    Because there is a firm chewiness, when cooking, it is a point to insert a notch with a kitchen knife. It is characterized by a pale white taste with not much habit, it is easy to cook, it can be said to be one of familiar hormones.


    Hachinosu is the second stomach of a cow. As you can see from the name, as it is shaped like a honeycomb with hexagons lined up, it became known as Hachinosu. There are few grease and it has a light taste, it is a hormone easy to eat.

    Small intestine

    It is one of the hormones that we often see in a barbecue shop etc. It is one that turned the small intestine upside down. Besides grilled meat, it is used for various dishes such as stew, skewer and stir-fry. It has a soft texture pulpled, sweetened fat is clogged, and it is easy to eat.

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