If it is an Izakaya with Shinsaibashi you can eat moto-nabe! Completely diggable like a private room seats full of seats - etymology of hormones and mots -

Etymology of "hormone" and "motsu"

  • Both "hormone" and "motsu" refer to internal meat, each with a different etymology. It is said that there are two origins of hormones, the theory that the first one was the dialect of the Kansai region. The organs etc are now edible, but in the past it was abandoned without being edible.

    In Kansai it is said that from abandoning things like "releasing" or "else" or the like, calling the internal organs that have been thrown away as "releasing" and becoming called hormones from there. The second is that it was an image strategy.

    It was said that the name of the hormone (hormone), which is a physiologically active substance, was made to have this name in order to give the impression that the internal organs meat gives energy to the body because the impression was bad at the time. And Motsu is "etude" is the etymology.

    It is also a secret word that was used among meat traders and chefs since ancient times. In a broad sense, it is said that mots and hormones are the same thing, but it is sometimes called by recipe, such as mochi is used for boiled dishes such as mochi pot, hormones are often used for baked dishes such as yakiniku.

If you are looking for an izakaya that you can eat mochi pot at Shinsaibashi - to Shinsaibashi bar barba]

  • If you are looking for a pub with Shinsaibashi mochi pot in the menu, please use [Shinsaibashi bar barba]. Shinsaibashi Station Shin - ichibashi station close to the station [Shinsaibashi bar barbarae] is a pub with attractive ingredients such as domestic beef hormones, carefully selected commodities.

    "Shinsaibashi Tsurugi Heart" "Shira-pot" using secret soup of direct taste, "explosive tomato saucepan" which makes the taste look excellent with its outstanding appearance, "spicy tomato saucepan", hot spicy chicken makes it a habit and outstanding compatibility with mots Three kinds of pots are prepared, "Tigetaru".

    Every mocha pot can be deliciously served until sharks, so please try it.

It is fully equipped for digging and relaxing like a private room

  • 【Shinsaibashi bar area grandeor】 is like a lodging-like atmosphere. We can prepare a dinner seat which you can relax like a private room.

    We also have table and counter seats, so please do not hesitate to drop by a small group or even one person. There are many women's customers in fashionable shops and it can be used as a place for the girls' association. If you are looking for a shop to feel free to enter at Shinsaibashi, please come and visit us.

If it is cheap in Shinsaibashi and you can drink as much as you want - Shinsaibashi bar barba

If you eat moch hot pot at Shinsaibashi 【Shinsaibashi bar area grandeor】

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